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Campus snack bar and cafeteria closed, staff Christmas lunch which The Mouse choose not to attend (long story).

Picked up Char Hung Sut on the way to work.

You Know It’s Fresh

When the staff is making manapua in front of you. Hee hee.

Iconic Box

White box, rubber stamp, plastic tie = Marketing. 🙂

The Mouse’s Lunch

Manapua, pork hash, pepeiau, taro cake, half moon, baked turnip cake. Not photogenic, not gourmet, old school comfort food. Happy Mouse.

Taro Cake Close Up

Black olives, char siu, green onions, dried shrimp. Super old school, nom.

Manapua, Bite View

Nom! Hee hee.

The Cat had her own “special” lunch.

Hot Crab & Artichoke Sandwich

Restaurant announced they will be closing for good soon. The Cat had to get one (or more) of her favorite sandwich before …

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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