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Everything’s better with …

SPAM! (bacon too).

This week, The Mouse’s dindin has been ham sandwiches.

Ham Sandwich

Whole wheat bread from JJ2 Bakery, a smidge of mayo, mustard, Romaine lettuce, ham. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, a flash of inspiration. What if The Mouse added SPAM?

But not just SPAM out of the can but fried. Hee hee.

Decanned the SPAM, medium sliced, pan-fried, medium heat until slightly crispy/chewy.

Fried SPAM

Best if there is a little kogi. Hee hee.

Last night’s sandwich.

Ham Sandwich with Fried SPAM

Much better. Not quite bacon, but very very close. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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