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Gobble Gobble?

The Mouse had a good day off yesterday (hope y’all had a good one too, if you had one). Dinner with the cuzs and auntie.

Usually, The Mouse would’ve eaten “light” throughout the day to lead up to “turkey” with the cuzs, but around mid-morning, The Mouse felt “a disturbance in the force”, and went out for lunch.

Ruby Tuesday.

Salad Bar


Strawberry Lemonade


Turkey Plate

Mashed potato (with lumps, a good thing), turkey (both light and dark, enough for leftover sandwiches), green beans, bread dressing.

The Mouse figured if he was wrong and there was turkey for dinner, not a bad thing. 🙂

Originally, The Mouse was tasked to bring a pie as the contribution to dinner. Last minute change up and the cuzs were given a pie. No need to bring one.

Hmm, what to do.

The Mouse broke down a fresh pineapple.




Ready to be quartered and cored.

So, for dinner, the cuzs couldn’t find the right brand of turkey, so plan b.

Baked Ham


Mac ‘n Cheese


Sweet Potato


Green Beans


Baked Pineapple

Not The Mouse’s, the cuz’s. I guess great minds … Hee hee. At least they’ll have fruit for breakfast.

The Mouse’s Plate


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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