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Last stop of the unplugged tour.

Tea Plant

A visit to The Cat’s client, Volcano Winery. Owner is experimenting tea infused wine.

Silver Tip Tea Leaves

Owner gave us a taste, The Mouse thinks the tea-infused wine could complement potstickers. Hee hee.

Alternative to sake? Moutai? Dunno.

Almost across the street, a visit to Kilauea summit.


See the rainbow?


Don’t worry, it gets better.

Jun Kombucha

A little “pitstop” for The Mouse. First time try. Yum.


Can’t say The Mouse is hooked on kombucha or jun, but he doesn’t mind it.

So, The Cat booked herself and CB on a sunrise lava flow boat excursion. The Mouse gets severely seasick and passed to sleep in. The launch site is a bit remote. To avoid driving in the dark, on unfamiliar roads, without streetlights, The Cat booked a nearby “inn”.

The “Inn”

Not bad, kinda like a boarding house, shared kitchen area and bathrooms. Drawback was severe termite infestation (super old building). I think the termites were holding hands to keep the place together. 🙂

The “fireworks”:

Lava Flow to Ocean

Pre-sunrise views.



Beginnings of Sunrise


More Light


After Sunrise View


Last One

The captain kept shifting the boat so that everyone could get the best views they could, all that shifting and wave action prompted The Cat and CB to start “feeding the fishes’. Returned to the inn with their “stomachs turned upside down”. The Mouse made instant noodles for them.

CB enjoyed it so much that even with the stomach-churning, he would do it again. The Cat, not so much.

So, that’s it, the end of the unplugged tour.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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