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Old School Lunch Counter

Stopped in here (The Mouse’s chiropractor doctor is nearby) to get a couple pastries, some for The Cat’s grab-n-go breakfast for the week, some for The Mouse. Hee hee.

Menu Cover

Since The Mouse was there … might as well get lunch. Hee hee again.

Counter View

No tables, counter dining only, like the old time diners. Several years ago, fine dining restaurants in SPAM Land touted a community table. Nothing new, these lunch counters are the original community tables. Everything old is new again. Hah!

Lunch Combo Special

Grilled chicken (meh), grilled mahi (awesome), white rice, lettuce and tomato salad (with dollop of mayo). The only thing missing is food is not on a blue plate. Hee!

Plate comes with bakery specialty butter roll.

Butter Roll

Sliced in half, grilled on the flat top, with the bakery’s famous/infamous neon radioactive jelly (The Mouse’s description). Breaking it down, The Mouse thinks the jelly is fruit punch syrup with gelatin. Just a thought.

Butter Roll Prep

Even the uniforms are a bit retro (or maybe never changed at all).

Oh, and the take home pastries?


For The Cat: cornbread, blueberry and almond danish. For The Mouse, bear claw, and tuna and ham bun (last night’s dinner). 🙂

The Mouse’s spine got adjusted, lunch counter plate lunch, butter roll with glow in the dark jelly, pastries for the near future. A good day. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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