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No, not a small kid, and not a potato. Hee hee.

Toaster oven tomatoes. The Mouse’s new favorite way to eat tomato.

Happened kinda by accident. A container of grape tomatoes going slightly wrinkled.

Grape Tomatoes, Slightly Wrinkled

Not the greatest for salad. What to do?

Avocado oil, salt, pepper, 300 degrees, 30 minutes, toaster oven.


I know, done before, but first time for The Mouse. The Mouse liked. Hee hee.

Tried it again the next night, regular tomato.

The Mouse’s Plate

TOT, laulau, shiso leaf, apple banana. Sorry, no┬áplating presentation, popped the whole plate into the toaster oven to roast the tomato and warm the laulau (from the grocery store). Still yum. ­čÖé

I know, The Mouse eats weird, but it’s The Mouse’s plate. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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