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Got Aloe?

Why yes we do.

Aloe Plants

What started out as a small pot has proliferated into somewhat out of control growth. We have to find a solution.

Recently read the aloe “meat” is edible. Smoothies I knew, but not blended? Interesting. Hmm, maybe part of the solution?

Youtube to get a clue of the prep process.

Aloe Leaf

Cut off pokey spikes, cut off outer skin, slice. Sounds easier than actual. Soooo slippery, kinda scary with the knife.

Figured out that instead of using the knife to take off all of the skin, cut three sides (two pokey ends and “curved” side, butter knife to “filet” the “meat” off of the “flat” side. Still slippery, but not as scary.

Aloe Filet

Managed to “filet” about half a cup. Half went into The Cat’s soup noodle bowl, half went to The Mouse’s salad.

Tomato Celery Aloe Salad

Dressed with apple vinegar, avocado oil, sea salt. Hard to see but the aloe is on top. Texture like young coconut or Chinese jellyfish. Try try.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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