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What’s a Chork?

Have you heard of a spork?

It’s a hybrid spoon and fork combination. The Mouse has a couple and likes them.

How about a knork?

That’s a hybrid knife and fork combination. Looks like a regular fork except that the sides are thinned down to provide a cutting edge, not sharp as to cut the insides of the mouth. The Mouse has one.

Website: http://www.knork.net/

Fellow cubicle dweller, K, bought a pack of them and gave The Mouse one this the other day.

The Chork

Website: https://thechork.com/

A chopstick/fork hybrid. Can be used as a cheater chopstick (think tongs), a fork, the fork end can be split in the middle and the two pieces can be used as regular chopsticks. What a hoot!

Rumor is Panda Express is considering offering them to customers. Wait and see.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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