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Driven by this place hundreds of times without a thought (neighborhood chop suey joint). The on-street parkiing situation was a hinderance. Recent article in paper reported a change in ownership (retirement), and a fresh coat of paint (supposedly to represent the restaurant name, “Ocean/Sky). Food pictures in the paper (especially the char siu) looked appetizing.

Location near the original L & L Barbecue and Jane’s Fountain.

On the way home from doc appointment (new doc), open space in front (must be kismet). 🙂


Inside, still kinda “hole-in-the-wall-y”.


Three small tables at most, guess most of the business is take-out. Did notice a new-ish air conditioner above.

Since it was Friday, a little splurge.

Roast Duck

Mostly for The Cat. As an added bonus, there’s steamed choi sum underneath all the duck, nice touch. Overall, The Cat thought the duck was pretty good. Fairly meaty, decent taste, greens a plus.

Char Siu

Definitely Chinese style (not ramen style). Slightly salty/sweet, tender, not much fat. Only thing missing was the koki pieces (charred bits). But, overall, good job.

Prices while not cheap cheap, are fair and decent, portions are generous

Appears that The Mouse will be making regular visits with this doc for a bit … if there’s street parking, maybe more orders from Hoy Tin in the future. Maybe ginger chicken, minute chicken noodles … 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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