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Try sayin’ that three times, fast. 🙂

As mentioned before, The Cat took her mother to Yauatcha for her b-day.



Bamboo Dumpling

The Mouse was sooooo hungry, didn’t want to “over order”. had a bowl of jook to start.

Vegetable Congee

With choi sum and lotus root (menu description). Not sure about the choi sum? There was spicy bamboo, green onion, pickled lettuce, and lotus root. Maybe The Mouse missed something?

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Hawaiian spring onion, cucumber and homemade pancakes (menu description).

After our server “shredded” the duck

A decent amount of accoutrement and condiments.

The Mouse’s Crispy Duck Assembled


The Required Noodle

Three mushrooms hand pulled noodle (menu description).

Funny, for a yum cha restaurant, only two noodle items on the menu. The other choice was Stir-fry Malaysian kwetio noodle with prawn, scallop, and peanut. And since The Cat’s mother had some self-imposed food restrictions, seafood was definitely out.

Crispy Duck Roll


Three style mushroom cheung fun


Baby Pak Choi with Ginger


Spicy aubergine, sato bean, okra and long bean with peanut

Ordered this one mild. The two vegetable dishes were The Mouse’s favorites for the day. The crispy duck was The Cat’s. Funny, I don’t think the spicy aubergine had peanuts. Is that fake news? Hee hee.

The Cat and her mother went off in “Shanghainese”. The Mouse got bored. Went to check out the open kitchen.

Making Har Gau


Making IDK

Hee hee.

Apple vanilla choux

Apple, Calvados raisin, crème diplomat, crumble choux.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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