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How The Cat and The Mouse spent the holiday, took a drive.

Drink Coaster

Hardly go/get to the west side of SPAM Land. There was a possible to visit to the Waikele outlet mall, but that was nixed, no parking whatsoever.

Hotel/Resort provided three hours free parking with purchase. So, knowing that the food’s gonna be expensive, probably overpriced … (but with “free” parking) …


Like their little sign in front of the hostess station. Cute.

Restaurant’s catch phrase is “experience line to table”. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Order

Crab melt. Gouda, sourdough, smoky tomato soup.

The Mouse’s Order

Fish tacos. Grilled daily fish (yesterday it was mahi). salsa verde, radish slaw.

Pleasantly surprised, food was extremely decent (but still pricey).


Crispy Brussels sprouts. Soy glaze, bonito flakes. Not super crispy but charred very nicely. Yum!

Since we were “playin tourist”, splurged.


Chunky monkey. Banana mousse, peanut butter crunch, caramel, chocolate ice cream. Good. For The Mouse, only thing missing would’ve been a handful of honey roasted peanuts. Hee hee.

With the “generous” validation, The Cat walked around the property and even got to walk through next door’s Aulani Resort (owned by Mickey Mouse).

The experience did kinda put a dent in the wallet, but worth taking a break.

So, how was your holiday? (If you had a holiday)

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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