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Hits (and some Misses)

So, after the Panda experience, picked up friends of The Catʻs brother, headed out to Kualoa Ranch for a “movie” site tour. At certain times of its existence, the ranch has been a sugar plantation, military air base, cattle ranch, it’s now a working ranch that welcomes visitors. Plus, production crews use the ranch for location shooting Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Windtalkers, Kong: Skull Island, to name a few.

Afterwards, headed back to town to check out a Japanese/Okinawan hybrid izakaya.


Super small, four tables and the bar. Kinda like walking into a garage man cave or an old uncles backyard enclosed patio.

Specials of the Day

One of the friends is a vegetarian that eats fish (what do you call those people?). First up Napa cabbage Caesar salad.

Napa Cabbage Caesar Salad

Not a hit nor a hit, neutral. Oh yeah, she prefers her vegetables cooked. Sigh.

Hamachi Sashimi

Uhm. Fish has to be cooked too. Sigh again. Thatʻs okay more for The Cat.

Chayote Pickles

Not bad, kinda like pickled turnip. Neutral.

Japanese Omelet Roll

Absolute hit. In fact, The Cat thought this was the best Japanese omelet … ever.

So good we ordered a second order.

Peanut Tofu

Consistency and texture not like soybean tofu, more like peanut butter flavored mochi. Sadly, a miss.

Shoyu Pork

The other friend, who has no eating restrictions, scarfed the dish, The Cat and The Mouse had a small taste. Mustʻve been a hit. She was also a little homesick which may have contributed to the scarfing. Hee hee.

Grilled Tongue

Huge hit for The Mouse, not anyone else. Thatʻs okay, more for The Mouse.

Grilled Shishamo

The friends ate them all. Okay I guess.


A hit. One of the better gyoza dishes weʻve had for a while. Also reminded the friend of home.

Grilled Salted Pork with Cucumber

A hit for The Mouse. Hee hee.

In summary, The Cat and The Mouse would return for the Japanese rolled omelet, gyoza, grilled salted pork, and the grilled beef tongue. Maybe just The Cat and The Mouse. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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