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Squishy Food, Part II

Old school “poke”.

The Mouse’s first experience with “fish cake” was from Chinatown, one of dad’s favorite foods (along with pork belly, in any form). Fish meat, scraped from the bones (after the fishmonger fileted the fish). Mixed with cornstarch and seasoning. Resembled paste.

Fried up, or boiled in broth, quick and easy (especially if someone else prepared it) meal. Don’t get me wrong, the actual prepare was/is pretty labor intensive, especially if done by hand and not by food processor.

Native Hawaiians also have a bonefish paste concoction, lomi oio. Best I can describe it is spoon scraped fish meat massaged “lomi” with salt, seaweed, kukui nut meat, etc. Eaten raw.

Our director was talking about lomi oio from Fresh Catch. Got the Mouse’s salivary glands working. Had to pick up a container.

Lomi Oio

Not sure about the appropriate way to eat this, The Mouse spread it on crackers. Yum!

It’s an acquired texture, briny tasting fish paste with crunchy ingredients, but The Mouse loves it.

It’s the start of a long weekend. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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