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In our zip code neighborhood, a relatively limited number of eating places. While we have our favorites, the Sunday after farmers market meal can kinda get routine at times.

Today was Ruby Tuesday’s in the mall.

The Cat went with a full rack of ribs.

The Cat’s Plate

She eats part of the ribs, most of the sides, and takes home the ribs for weekday lunch(es).

The Mouse went with his sorta regular order.

Salad Bar Salad


Three Vegetable Sides

Normally, satisfied with the salad bar selection, today, the selections seemed a bit sparse. Mentioned it to our server, response was restaurant is short-handed, kitchen is working on it. Mind you, this was almost an hour after starting lunch service.

Also mentioned the observation to the manager a little while later. Her explanation was that corporate is updating the selections and the salad bar is currently in transition between items being phased out and new incoming items.

Manager still didn’t address The Mouse’s current situation, why am I paying for a full salad bar and getting one in “transition”? Some of the missing items were tomatoes and raw broccoli salad (with bacon). I think the manager needs some re-training. Ugh!

Might take a couple of weeks to “transition”. Hmm. I guess they’re not getting business from us for a “couple of weeks”.

Restaurant is still on The Cat’s approved list because of the mudd pie.

Mudd Pie

Next time though The Mouse will definitely scrutinize the salad bar before committing.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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