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Saturday┬áschedule a little whacked. Didn’t get up as early as I wanted. Doctor appointment, errands, ended up at AJ’s Chinese Fast Food for their buffet.


Char siu with kogi bits :), grilled chicken, smashed cucumber, eggplant, smashed tofu with green onion, beef and broccoli.


Mushroom chicken, more beef and broccoli, more tofu.

One drawback of buffets, no take-home cat and mouse bags. Sigh.

Giant Pink Pig with Wings

At one of the shopping malls on the way to a Japanese grocery warehouse. Why is it here? I dunno. To remind us that anything is possible?


Office receptionist shared a bottle with The Mouse. Did taste “fermented” like ginger beer. Not bad, have an extra bottle for the cuz P.

Banana, Orange

Dinner lite.

Time to Zzzz.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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