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Been anticipating the opening of Bob’s Bar-B-Que over on this side of the mountain for a while. Drove by the other day and noticed the open sign. 🙂

Planned on visiting today.

One of the hot items at the campus cafeteria was kalua pork and cabbage. Hmm, I could make a theme. Home lunch (which is nothing to sneeze at, leftover kau yuk, brown rice, and Japanese salted cabbage) is deferred until tomorrow.

Kalua Pork and Cabbage

Sometimes, The Mouse likes more cabbage than pork, today’s ratio of more pork to cabbage was perfect (kinda weird day and work).

A quick check on Yelp to see how the new Bob’s is doing. Oh oh, two and a half stars. One their first week? Maybe their first week has a lot of bugs to work out. A scan of the reviews didn’t look too promising, one review included a picture of a yellow card from the health department. “Danger Will Robinson”.

That kalua pork themed post is looking a little shaky.

Okay, the original Bob’s is a slight detour on the way home.

Original Bob’s

A quick check in their window …


An order of the kalua pig sandwich.

Bun got a little soggy (with the pork jus) on the drive home. It’s all good.

Kalua Pig Sandwich, Local Orange, Shiso Leaf


Inquired with the server as to the situation with the new restaurant. It’s a franchise. Explains a lot. Hope they iron out the bugs, bad reviews and yellow card on their opening week … first impressions count.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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