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Up the street from the campus, recommended by my cubicle neighbor.

Store Front

She said it was better than the grocery store. Who would’ve thought poke in a liquor store.

Thought I’d try something different.

Spicy Crawfish Poke Rice Bowl

So, not quite sure it’s traditional poke, since the crawfish is cooked, but … doesn’t matter to me, It’s all about the taste.

Socks flew off, worked barefoot the rest of the day (metaphorically, not physically). Hee hee.

Like eating a cross between shrimp and lobster, without the hassle of shells. Good balance between mayonnaise and sriracha. Definitely going back.

Since I was there, picked up little somethings for later and The Cat.

Ahi Inamona Poke

Roasted kukui nut. Very good, but, for The Mouse, the crawfish was still better.

Hamachi Poke

For The Cat. The Cat liked. 🙂

A package of fuikake soda crackers in the pantry.



Ahi Inamona Poke Canapé

Nom nom nom.

A great start to a long weekend!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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