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Does Size (and Texture) Matter?

A tale of two biscotti.


On the top, from Trader Joe’s. Dark chocolate dipped. What I normally think of biscotti. Hard, dry, great for dipping.

On the bottom, locally baked by Chef young P (Chef capital P’s younger brother). Not as dense, almost shortbread cookie like, but slightly denser. IMHO, not as great for dipping. The biscotti tends to “dissolve” in the liquid. Plus the chocolate ratio is a bit off, again IMHO. Size is good though.

I dunno, I tend toward the Trader Joe’s biscotti, The Cat leans toward Chef younger P’s biscotti.

In the end. Eat what you like (within reason).

I know, not fair to ask just on picture alone, but if you had a choice … ?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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