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Yesterday was comfort food day for The Mouse (and looking for Valentine’s Day present for The Cat).

Vegetable Curry Rice, Side Salad

Vegetable Curry Rice, Side Salad

Really wanted tofu pudding from Yajima-ya. Alas, not served for lunch, dinner only. Sigh.

Yuzu Sorbet

Yuzu Sorbet

“Settled” for yuzu sorbet (from Japan). Actually, probably ended up being better, nice palate cleaner after the spicy curry. Still want tofu pudding and Japanese sponge cake though. Maybe one night when waiting for The Cat to finish I can pop in for dessert.

Dinner, another rice and “gravy” thing. Wanted Zippy’s vegetarian chili (one of my favorite) with rice and hot dog. Too far, “settled” for mini chili dog plate from L&R.

Mini Chili Dog Plate

Mini Chili Dog Plate

Not bad, L&R does decent Chinese take-out food, their chili is so-so, but convenient.

Trying to get this off as soon as possible, been experiencing winds and power outages today.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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