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Years ago, there was a hotel restaurant that half the menu was “Italian” and half the menu was “Chinese”. Go figure. But, in our opinion, they made the best tiramisu. Moist, full of chocolate and coffee flavors, yum! Whether authentic or not, we didnʻt care. We liked it.

Alas, several years ago they hotel changed its concept and the restaurant is no more. Neither is the tiramisu.:(

Since then, there has been no substitutes that came close. A frozen tiramisu from Costco, of all places, came close (although very distantly), but itʻs no longer sold at Costco.

To the present, New Yearʻs eve dinner. The Italian cafe up the street, tried their tiramisu, even though our server recommended the cheesecake.



It was … okay. The Sinéad O’Connor song was playing in my mind (Nothing Compares to You). Hee hee.

IMO, not enough coffee, chocolate, and liquor flavors.

We were full after dinner (Chicken Pomodoro and Gnocchi Primavera) that we took most of the tiramisu home.

Chicken Pomodoro

Chicken Pomodoro


Primavera Gnocchi

Primavera Gnocchi

So, for next dayʻs after lunch “snack”, where a nap would be perfectly appropriate (hee hee), I “sprinkled” (read loaded up) the leftover tiramisu.

"Drunken" Tiramisu

“Drunken” Tiramisu

A “little” bit of Kahlúa coffee liqueur, and vanilla Jim Beam, just to “moisten” the tiramisu. Hee hee hic.

Much better after the tiramisu “thirst” was “quenched”. Hee hee

The Mouse settled down for a nice new year nap. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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