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Olde Skool

Before Macyʻs, there was Liberty House. There was a restaurant called The Gazebo. They served reasonably priced meals, nothing fancy, but someplace in the mall to have a sit down meal. After the store became Macyʻs, the restaurant was “upgraded” and a celebrity chefʻs name was attached to it. Of course, prices rose to reflect the celebrity chef status. Thatʻs in town.

On our side of the mountain, I guess we are still considered small town enough. The Gazebo is still here.

New Yearʻs eve lunch.

Shoyu Pork

Shoyu Pork

Shoyu pork, vegetable, rice, and a side salad, ten bucks. Cheap eats.

See, more cafeteria food than celebrity chef “gourmet” food. Comfort food at itʻs best.

Being that I got there 5 minutes before closing, the gravy had simmered down thick and rich (and a little too salty). Plus, the cook used shoulder instead of belly, a little on the lean side. But still good.

Talk about nostalgia, in a good way.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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