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Buzz in Japan?!

That’s what the sign read (@ Iyo Udon).



Uhm, okay, try try (for lunch).

Furikake Fries and Kake Udon

Furikake Fries and Kake Udon

Good thing the fries were on the side (and not on top like the picture). I think the  fries would have gotten too soggy. This way, I dipped the fries as I ate. Not bad concept, kinda reminded me of small-kid time dipping fries in milkshakes. Hee hee.

For dinner, no carbs. Threw together a one-pot thingy.

The Mouse's Mishmash Bowl

The Mouse’s Mishmash Bowl

Frozen okra, frozen spinach, frozen edamame, leftover porkchop, leftover sausage, leftover turnip, smoked pork. Mmmm! Veggies and meat. 🙂

Overall, a balanced day. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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