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Recently, The Mouse’s Fridays are long. Waiting to carpool with The Cat.

Lately, the weather has been really humid, high eighties, low nineties. Ugh.

Thought about lunch at Rainbow Drive-In but seating is outside. Eww!

Tried the alternative instead.

Right next door

Right next door

A collaboration between Rainbow Drive-In, KC Waffle Dogs, Shimizu Shave Ice, Mike’s Huli Chicken, and Poke Stop. With air conditioning. 🙂

I think because of the space limitations, the menus (except for shave ice) is truncated. I know Rainbow Drive-In’s menu so passed this time. Went for Mike’s Huli Chicken, KC Waffle Dogs, and Shimizu Shave Ice (of course).

So, I know it’s huli chicken, but they also offer …

Huli Pork Char Siu Plate

Huli Pork Char Siu Plate

A no brainer. Plus, notice the “correct spelling? With brown rice option and steamed vegetables. Socks off!

Not dry, still moist, yet not super tender, very good texture.

A waffle dog.

Waffle Dog

Waffle Dog

As good as small-kid time hanabuta days. 🙂

And to help cool off …

Shave Ice

Shave Ice

Plain, no ice cream nor red bean, green tea, mango, and strawberry syrup. Slurp.

Good texture. Not so fine like the current “snow” trend. Icey. Yum.

Will be back. Maybe for the boneless chicken and gravy, drool. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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