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Yesterday started out as a continuation of the day before. Finished leftovers from AJ’s. You didn’t think I ate the whole thing in one sitting, did you? Maybe in an earlier decade.

“Lunch” was super late (left work late).



Vendor in Shirokiya’s Japan Walk. “Dogs” with various “toppings”, mapo tofu, kim chee, etc.

Wouldn’t have tried except for all “dogs” were selling for $3.99! Normal prices are at least $2 bucks more. Not cheap eats for sure. Ordered a natto dog, because, it’s natto! Hee hee.

Natto Dog

Natto Dog

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) the hot dog and natto played well together. My only complaint (and I’m not sure if it’s because of the price reduction or if that’s “normal”), the dog was a little skinny. With hot dogs, size does matter. Hee hee.

Would I eat this again? Maybe, not high on my repeat list, but nothing “wrong”, except for the skinny dog. Has to be at the reduced price though.

Dinner was another item on the list to try. From right across the parking lot from Shirokiya Japan Walk.

Foodland Farms

Foodland Farms

Their pre-made sandwiches looked interesting, and on sale.

"Tuscan" Sandwich

“Tuscan” Sandwich

Cold cuts (dunno the variety), cheese (provolone maybe?), sourdough bread. Mayo and mustard packets on the side.

Problem with pre-made sandwiches either the spread soaks through the bread while it sits, or if the spreads are left out, the bread gets dry. This time the bread was a little dry. 😦

Meats were tasty though.

Try try. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

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