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Sunday just as “weird”, in a good way.

Started like most Sundays for us. Farmers market, groceries, mushroom chicken plate for The Cat.

Problem with buying take out from the grocery store is that so far, the menu is the same. Baked mahi mahi, pastele stew, and mushroom chicken.

The Mouse has tried them all, while The Cat doesn’t mind the mushroom chicken each Sunday, The Mouse needed a little variety.

On the way back, picked up a combo plate from L&R Drive In.

Beef and Stingbeans Chicken Katsu Combo Plate

Beef and Stingbeans
Chicken Katsu
Combo Plate

There’s a space in the upper left corner, The Cat took the rice. 🙂

Portion was large enough for me to take a sandwich with the leftover chicken katsu yesterday.

The Mouse's Katsu Sandwich

The Mouse’s Katsu Sandwich

After a long afternoon “event”, tried a Japanese restaurant on the way home.



The Cat ordered miso butterfish.

The Cat's Dinner

The Cat’s Dinner




The Mouse ordered spicy tuna and natto. 🙂

The Mouse's Tray

The Mouse’s Tray




Fairly reasonable prices. We can come back. 🙂

Except not for natto, The Cat’s nose too sensitive. Humph.

So the weird part of the weekend?

I forgot to take a picture.

Stay tuned tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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