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At the Korean Market

Yesterday. Weird day.

Started off okay. Searched the mall for breakfast. Nothing appealing.

Ended up at the “food court” at the Korean “super” market nearby.

Food stall

Food stall

Breakfast special.

Ginseng Chicken "Jook"

Ginseng Chicken “Jook”

Had this once before. Seems like the price went up and the quantity and quality went down a bit. 😦

Healthy though.

Vegetable Kimbap

Vegetable Kimbap

For a later snack.


Shelled and Roasted Chestnuts -Bought

As part of The Cat’s lunch “bento”.



Wasn’t heading home for dinner yesterday, so in the want column, not in the bought column yesterday.

Satuday’s adventure continues on the next post.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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