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No Recipe

And no ingredients, except for the egg.

Growing up, my favorite Japanese dish was oyako donburi, simmered egg and chicken on rice. Dunno why. Maybe it was easy to eat, maybe it was one of the cheapest dishes on menus? Anyways, it’s still a go-to dish when I dunno what to eat at Japanese restaurants.

Last night, did a little variation at home. Mind you, no chicken, no onions, and no dashi. And, wasn’t feeling like cooking rice.

Started with quinoa.



Instead of dashi broth, did a miso broth.

Instead of onions, thinly sliced celery and white stem cabbage.

Instead of chicken, leftover miso braised pork belly.

Everyone in the pot

Everyone in the pot

Add a beaten egg and let everything meld together. Ease the whole thing over the quinoa.

Miso Oink Belly Donburi over Quinoa

Miso Oink Belly Donburi over Quinoa

Tell the truth, this was even better than oyako donburi. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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