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“The Food”

Getting off the bus the other week, commuting between jobs, spotted this sign.



Dunno why, my curiosity was piqued.

But then, got a little leery.

Place was a bit difficult to find.

Where's it?

Where’s it?

Sign on the corner, pointing to bar, next to trailer cooking Chinese take-out. Re-read sign, place is in bar. Hmm, maybe we should re-think this food adventure. But, “you only live once.”

Entrance to bar partially blocked by old, falling apart piano, stock pots, and remnants of maybe past renovations. Already there, might as well forge ahead. The mexican kitchen just opened a few weeks ago.

“Kitchen” like a “pop-up”, in the middle of the bar space, on wheels, must move around after lunch.

"Kitchen" and Chef

“Kitchen” and Chef

Think street food, just inside.

Menu was a bit “pricey” for lunch.



Tried the cheapest “meal”, just to try. Burrito lunch. I was warned that the portions would be smaller, “lunch-sized”.

Burrito Lunch Plate

Burrito Lunch Plate

Included rice, beans, pico de gallo, and salsa. The burrito was stuffed with just pork, I guess I was expecting the loaded version. Pork was well made though, and the beans and salsa tasted fresh made. My initial assessment was parts were good overall, it’s okay.

This week, co-worker was jonesing for taco salad. Gave him the menu with the caveat that I wasn’t fully “endorsing” the place, but if he was interested …

His salad was huge, freshly made chips, lots of ingredients, plate almost weighed two pounds. His assessment was that Chef really knew Mexican food. Had his complete endorsement. Hmm, maybe a second chance is in order.

Yesterday’s taco salad for The Mouse.

Taco Salad with Pork

Taco Salad with Pork

Co-worker R was right, plate was heavy. Once again, pork was well made.



Fall apart tender yet still moist.

Freshly made chips on the side

Freshly made chips on the side

Definitely going back for the taco salad. 🙂

Chef was accommodating, left off the sour cream and

Have a great weekend.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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