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No work ’till Monday, well, I do go into the marketing office to work about half-a-day, owner let’s do flexible hours, and it’s quieter on Saturdays.

"Hawaiian" Plate Lunch

“Hawaiian” Plate Lunch

From one of my favorite “hole in the walls”, Tsukenjo’s.

Lau lau (taro leaf bundle with pork and other goodies), roast pork with gravy, tossed salad, rice. 🙂 Wish they had poi and sweet potato, but for under 10 bucks? Not complaining. 🙂

After that food coma inducing “brunch”, dinner was lighter.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Fried Egg Sandwich

Wheat bread, butter, Vegemite. Yum!

Heading off to meet with the cuz’s P&B for noodles. Slurp.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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