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Soup Saturday

It wasn’t planned to be, but it turned out to be.

Went into work a little bit. Wasn’t planning to stay that long but, oh well.

Lunch was a bit overdue. Checked out a new restaurant.



Supposedly, the owner came out of retirement to start this new venture.



Taiwanese style “hot pot”/ramen hybrid.





So many choices

So many choices

Choices include Shanghai cabbage, Napa cabbage, varieties of tofu, shrimp, fish, various meat balls, numerous vegetables.

After picking my stuff (mostly vegetables), picked the seaweed house soup with egg noodles.

The Mouse's bowl

The Mouse’s bowl

For me, better than the regular “hot pot”, didn’t have to sit there and “cook” my meal (the bowl comes all cooked, think the old time Mongolian barbecues).

As a bonus …

Shaved Ice

Complimentary Shaved Ice

Dunno if it was for their grand opening or is it a normal part of the service.

Definitely will return.

Then for dinner, The Cat wanted to try …

Hawaii Pot

Hawaii Pot

This time around, it’s conveyor belt hot pot (think kaiten hot pot), pot of soup is served, accompaniments are picked off the conveyor belt. The Cat choose “original” soup, The Mouse picked mushroom soup.

Vegetables and Tofu

Vegetables, Tofu, and Dumplings

Included with the price is the condiment table.

Me personally, I would have been just as happy with …

Bowl of rice, turnips with shoyu, ginger/onion sauce

Bowl of rice, turnips with shoyu, ginger/onion sauce

Don’t even need cold chicken (the ginger onion sauce).

Not bad, probably will go back, still prefer Sweet Home Aunty though.

So, two hot pots in one day.

Oh, BTW, the card I picked out for The Cat.

Hee hee

Hee hee

Hope your Easter (if you are so inclined) was hoppy.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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