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Yesterday was a meandering kinda day. Started off with a Costco run. Pita chips, prunes, crunchy stuff for The Cat’s snacking (it’s still busy season).

To the Korean grocery store for sweet potato (for The Cat’s meals in the office).

Korean Style Chicken Feet and Pig Feet Sign

Korean Style Chicken Feet and Pig Feet

The feet at the grocery store. Not today, too much running around and we like our feet prepared soft and squishy, these feet didn’t look squishy enough (personal preference). Plus was not going home right away (no refrigeration available).

A newish pok√© shop. Thought maybe I’d pick up brunch and head to the office (half-day work). The large was a little small for my liking yesterday. Moving on …

An unsuccessful search for an old-timey stationery item (guess I have to go on-line).

A bread shop (next to a Chinese herb shop). Drove by dozens of times. Attracted to the neon sandwich sign in the window. Went too late everything almost sold out. It was more of an Asian bakery then a European bakery, not really what I was searching for (in a sandwich).

Parking Sign Croissants and Mini Bear Paws

Parking Sign
Croissants and Mini Bear Paws

Did pick-up two bags of discounted pastries (they were about ready to close).

Maybe a Korean take-out on the way (highly recommended by a co-worker). Only takes cash and I was a little short.

But … in the same building …



Hidden in the back, barely visible from the front, a sign ..

To be continued … Heh heh.

Heading over to the farmers’ market.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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