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Still on a self-inflicted crazy work schedule (until at least the middle of May).

Did the between office commute a little early the other day. Still could order breakfast from Plaza Clubhouse.

French Toast with SPAM

French Toast with SPAM

Loco Moco on Brown Rice

Loco Moco on Brown Rice

All for less than ten  dollars (still have the change in my pocket).

Ate the loco moco for late breakfast (while it was still warm), the french toast for late lunch (a quick toss in the toaster oven). đŸ™‚

Yesterday, while heading home, saw this.

The Siren Call

The Siren Call

Just had to.

Shared the free one with the bus driver going home (I think she was happily surprised).

Because three SPAM musubi would be too many for The Mouse.

The Mouse's Dinner

The Mouse’s Dinner

SPAM musubi, an apple, and celery sticks. A nice TV dinner. Hee hee.

Happy Friday!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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