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Taro and Cranberry Bread

Taro and Cranberry Bread



Picked up both from the farmers’ market this past Sunday. The Cat takes a couple of slices of the cranberry bread for her breakfast, The Mouse uses the buns (there were eight in the package) for lunch, and sometimes dinner.

Canned ham.

Part of a Christmas gift basket (took a picture of it back then but can’t find it now, sigh). You know the one, small teardrop shaped can, maybe a pound and a half or two. Opened it this week. Turns out the texture is more lunch meat than ham (first time trying it). When you live in a place that maybe eats more SPAM per capita, other canned “hams” are rare and infrequent. Hee hee.

First, diced some up and tossed it in scrambled eggs.

Ham and Egg Sandwich

Ham and Egg Sandwich

On a bun from the farmers’ market. Sorry Dr. Seuss, no green eggs.

Next, substituted the “ham” in an old cold weather standby.

Hot Noodle Soup with Ham and Vegetables

Hot Noodle Soup with Ham and Vegetables (carrot, celery, and radish)

This time used somen instead of saimin (whatever’s in the pantry). Good way to clean out the refrig. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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