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Hmm. Appears I did not hit the publish button on this post. Clearly operator error, or senior moment, etc. Sigh.

Remember this?

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Wasn’t really enthused about it for breakfast, but still had many packets left.

Hmm. Maybe make the oatmeal savory.

More water, more cooking time.

In progress

In progress

Added steamed carrots, and an egg.

The Mouse's Oatmeal Dinner

The Mouse’s Oatmeal Dinner

The last of the Chinese meatball.

The results? Much better. Kinda risotto-y, kinda grits-y. The added water and cooking time helped to smooth out the oatmeal texture while still being “hearty”.

So, The Mouse’s conclusion? Rolled oats for breakfast, steel cut oats for savory (with modifications).

Turning “lemons” into “lemonade”.

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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