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This journey started a couple of weeks ago when I picked up some head cheese and prosciutto.




At first tried the head cheese between Dave’s Killer Bread.



Head Cheese Sandwich with Dave's Killer Bread

Head Cheese Sandwich with Dave’s Killer Bread

Hmmm. In this case, the whole was not greater than the sum of the parts. Something was off.

Surprising since the bread makes a “killer” ham sandwich.

Ham Steak Sandwich

Ham Steak Sandwich

Maybe the sandwich was missing a contrast to the saltiness and fattyness (the ham being less fatty)?

The next iteration.

Head Cheese Sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread with Sliced Radish

Head Cheese Sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread with Sliced Radish

Uhmm. Still nope. Sigh.

I think the bread was too “loose”. Couldn’t hold its own against the “richness” of the head cheese.

Picked up a bag of ciabatta rolls from La Tour Bakery (Vietnamese/French style bakery).

Ciabatta Rolls

Ciabatta Rolls

They only had the multi-grain available, no white ones.

A little skeptical since the not so satisfactory outcome with Dave’s Killer Bread, but, try try.

Yess! Head cheese on ciabatta works! The thing the didn’t work was The Mouse taking a picture … senior moment. Sigh. Trust me, it worked. I think the ciabatta was robust enough. Just my opinion. Didn’t matter that it was multi-grain.

Now, for an even better sandwich.

Prosciutto on Multi-Grain Ciabatta

Prosciutto on Multi-Grain Ciabatta

With just a light schmear of yellow mustard. The slightly fermented pork and the sturdy bread … awesome.

Finally, the right combination. Never thought it would be so hard just to make a plain ol’ sandwich didja?

There are wine pairings, and beer pairings, now bread pairings. Hee hee. Guess that’s what happens when food is a priority. Hee hee.

Next will be finding a way to “panini” a ciabatta. Just sayin’

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse.

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