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Not too much happening food-wise.

Home cookin’, one pot dishes.

"Frozen" Tofu

“Frozen” Tofu

Most of the water squeezed out.

Pork/Beef Blend


Trying something different.

Pork/Beef Blend

Pork/Beef Blend

Throw in pan, with fresh mushrooms …



Must be okay, the Italian restaurant up the street uses a beef/pork blend for their loco-moco patty.

Simply seasoned, salt, pepper, gin. Not pretty, just food to get through some relatively cool weather.

The Cat had her version of comfort food.

Ham Hock Turnip Rice Soup with Greens

Ham Hock Turnip Rice Soup with Greens

The white broth almost reminds me of tonkatsu ramen broth. Another dish for chilly nights. 🙂

It’s Friday! Yeah!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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