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Don’t Quit the Day Job

Circumstances beyond my control, ended up at Jay’s Bakery and Sushi. I know weird combination.

Tried their pastries a couple of months (?) ago, wasn’t bad. Figured might as well try their sushi.

Sign and Lunch

Sign and Lunch

Spicy ahi bowl and SPAM combo. Spicy ahi was okay, just. Spice level was okay, but part of the sauce included teriyaki seasoning, not too much mayo. For me, spicy tuna is mayo and sriracha, not teriyaki. Slight shudder.

The rice in the nigiri sushi (tamago, surimi, and shrimp), and the SPAM musubi was not seasoned, plain, kinda bland. The proportion was a little off, too much rice, couldn’t “one bite” the nigiri. Sorry, kinda a snob when it comes to sushi, “one perfect bite” kinda thing.

Didn’t include wasabi (or even Chinese mustard). 😦

But then, when the shop is Chinese owned, reimagining Japanese and local food, things maybe got lost in translation. Try try.

The good news is they redeemed themselves in their pastry.



Tiramisu cake and matcha cake (take-out, shared with The Cat). Both pretty good, in the Asian, not too sweet style. While not gourmet, still worth a revisit (since they’re in the neighborhood.

And, as a bonus, added more steps on the step counter on my phone (although the dessert and extra steps probably resulted in a net-zero.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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