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Recently acquired.

Bag of Cookies

Bag of Cookies

Stack of Chocolate Bars

Stack of Chocolate Bars

No. We did not buy these. The cookies are the newest incarnation of Wally Amos, of Famous Amos fame. He goes to the church where I work and drops of bags every once in a while.

The chocolate bars are from a co-worker (thanks M,or is it Rev M), at my other part-time job. She’s an on-line ordained minister and went up to the city by the bay to officiate a wedding. Came back with these. I think I have to kiss her ring. Not sure about the protocol of on-line ordination. Hee hee.

Perfect timing. “Diet” and all. Will save these for a bit, until the pants gets a little looser, or in case of emergency. With all the “changes” that swirling around one of the offices (not saying which), the “emergency” may come sooner than expected. Hee hee.

So far, the willpower is holding out. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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