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Sorry, tacos isn’t food food, more like a snack, a pupu (just my opinion).

Finished the last of the bologna for breakfast.

My Bologna has a Second  Name

My Bologna has a Second Name

I would’ve fried it like reocochran suggests (and maybe added a fried egg) but alas, no time in the morning (especially weekday mornings). Still good though.

Lunch was late, wayyyyy late 😦  Loooooong story.

Normally would’ve gotten just a sandwich, but …

Teri-Chicken Combo with Crispy Fries and Small Salad

Teri-Chicken Combo with Crispy Fries and Small Salad

Here’s the thing, Diamond Head Market and Grill offers only one combo.



The Char Siu Chicken Sandwich, the Char Siu Pork Sandwich, and the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich are all the same price. Asked the counter if I could get the Char Siu Pork Sandwich (my favorite here) as a combo … No. The counter person was of the same mind but no, cannot. 😦

I don’t mind the teriyaki chicken, but if I could choose …

Dinner wasn’t technically a “sandwich” but that’s what the store called it.

Rice Salad "Sandwich"

Rice Salad “Sandwich”

Think a giant sushi roll that’s been flattened. You get the idea. Nori, rice, imitation crab, and Japanese egg omelet. Not bad. No socks off. 🙂


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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