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Best Pork Katsu, Up To Now




One of my favorite weekend lunch hangouts.

Have not had great success lately ordering pork katsu at other places. Dunno why I thought to try it today.

Pork Katsu on Rice (Donburi)

Pork Katsu on Rice (Donburi)

Came with a small salad.



Dunno if their dressing is made in-house, but also one of my favorites.

Pork was thickly cut, moist, and tender. No visible fat, not oily tasting, very satisfied.

Tonkatsu - Detail

Tonkatsu – Detail

My one complaint, the pork cutlets were not coated with panko, so the outside did not have that crispy texture (kinda “flaccid”) Hee hee.

Definitely on my repeat list. Menu also has a katsu curry over rice, I am now intrigued.

Early start tomorrow … Zzzz time.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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