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Jury Duty

Got summoned last week. 😦 Got selected. 😦 😦 I know civic duty/responsibility and all that, but still pretty inconvenient. It take soooooo long to get passed the security screening, decided to make a sandwich for lunch instead of going out of the courtroom to hunt for food and have to go through the security screening twice in a day.



High fiber bread, non-cheese (non-dairy), and turkey slices. Free coffee and tea in the jury duty processing room.

Cornflake Cookies

Cornflake Cookies (there were no oatmeal cookies)

Bought from the seeing impaired vendor in the courthouse.

Not too exciting but beats getting disheveled (today took me 45 minutes to get through the security line, sigh).

Oh well, chalk it up to life experience.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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