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Poi Mashups

I like taro and poi (smashed taro), grew up with it, along with rice and bread. Most visitors compare it to wallpaper paste (sorry never tried wallpaper paste).

So today, forgot my breakfast at home, luckily there was some kulolo left over in the office snack table.



Poi mixed with coconut milk and baked (the Wiki description here). The texture is supposed to be pudding, sticky. Since this was at least a day old, the texture is more scone-y, crumbly. Still good though (with green tea).

Also picked up a poi bagel (go figure) from one (of two) bagel shops nearby.

Poi Bagel

Poi Bagel

I think instead of fresh poi, poi flour is added to the dough. Looks like two amoeba, but they’re bagel halves. Gotta love it. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

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