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Got up thinking ’bout taco salad and tacos. Dunno why, not particularly fond of tacos (or taco salad). But a sandwich shop nearby the office offers taco salad one day a week (thought it was on Tuesday). Turns out no, it’s taco Wednesday. 😦  Sigh.

Was so discombobulated, just ordered buttered toast with jam.

Buttered Toast and Jam

Buttered Toast and Jam

Went back to the office and opened a can of tuna (with sriracha mayo).

Solid White Tuna (packed in water) with Sriracha Mayo

Solid White Tuna (packed in water) with Sriracha Mayo

Actually a very tasty substitute. Didn’t mind it one bit.

Planned to pick-up a couple of tacos from another sandwich shop (that actually has taco Tuesdays) on the way to church (helping with some administrative work while the administrator is on vacation), but the line was too long. Eck!

Usually, when I’m jonesing for some food, the cravings don’t go away. But this time, no big deal. Maybe I wasn’t meant to have tacos today. It’s a sign (oh oh, too much church contact). 🙂

Oh well, “fiddle dee dee, tomorrow is another day.” Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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