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Manic Monday

Not as cheery as The Bangles. Forgot my ID this morning, Luckily the receptionist let me through. In the afternoon, went to fill in for the church administrator (she went on a spiritual retreat). Problem downloading some data, ugh! technology! Finally, at the last-minute, the new reverend called me into his office and started asking me “hypothetical” questions about accounting (not good at thinking off the top of my head), but you kinda knew that already. Aarrgh!

The one saving grace (no pun intended) today was cookies.



Wafer cookies with dark chocolate. Not too sweet, crunchy, filled with dark chocolate. Director brought into the office.

Everything that I don’t normally seek out in cookies, but this one works (I tend to lean toward oatmeal raisin soft cookies). Brought one home for The Cat, she enjoyed it too.



The website. Yum. Almost made up for the chaos of the day. Not quite. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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