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More New Year Food

Not really, but sorta kinda.



Preserved Cabbage with Ground Pork

Preserved Cabbage with Ground Pork

Made by the mother of one of The Cat’s associates. The mom figured The Cat would need food during  the tax season. The cabbage dish is not really new year food, but the joong could be. Maybe?

I know, kind of anticlimactic from last night but still a nice gesture on the mom’s part. So, along last night’s leftovers, we got some “fresh food”. Not sure the contents of the joong yet, maybe this weekend.

Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year! Baaaaaaa (The Mouse trying to sound like sheep). Hee hee.

Wishing all good health, happiness, good fortune, and good eats. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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