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We rarely “plan” meals. Makes it interesting, challenging, and confusing at times. Tonight was one of those times. One segment of pork hock, one potato, some head cabbage, an open package of salted, pickled mustard plant stem. Maybe some kind of “hash”.

Pan roasted the pork hock (similar to making faux Kalua pork/pulled pork).

Pork Hock - Before

Pork Hock – Before

Pork Hock - After

Pork Hock – After

Salted/Pickled Mustard Plant Stem

Salted/Pickled Mustard Plant Stem

“Cubed” the potato, pan-fried it to a slight crust, added the cabbage, preserved cabbage, chopped pork hock, and some of the “jus” from the last faux Kalua pork batch. Salt, pepper, and sugar to taste, deglazed with whatever liquor was in the cabinet.

Pork Hock and Cabbage Hash

Pork Hock and Cabbage Hash

The pork hock has a completely different texture from pork shoulder, more connective tissue. The preserved vegetable cut the collagen/skin/fat “heaviness” of the meat, the potato provided more “comfort”, and the cabbage made in a “one pot” meal.

With brown rice.

The Cat liked.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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