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We originally were going to defer Valentine’s Day dinner, The Cat’s busy season, too busy, and so on. Last minute, The Cat wants to go out. No reservations to be had. The Italian joint up the street doesn’t take reservations and there’s a 40 minute wait. Umm, no.

On to the neighborhood, go-to chop suey joint – Kin Wah.

"Combination" Soup

“Combination” Soup

Chicken, duck, ham, Napa cabbage, mustard greens, bean thread noodles, oh my. Also known as “kitchen sink” soup. 🙂

Beef Chow Funn - Dry Style

Beef Chow Funn – Dry Style

Pork with Bitter Melon

Pork with Bitter Melon

Taro Duck

Taro Duck

Stratified View

Stratified View

Hope your day was satisfactory, if you are so inclined to observe such, if not, hope your day was a good one.

BTW, thanks to all that asked how we fared yesterday. We did okay, our gate to the front entrance sustained some damage, luckily The Cat’s building contractor friend is in town. Last night, our house felt as if it wanted to be Dorothy’s house in The Wizard of Oz. Either that or it was channeling Elvis (young Elvis, not Las Vegas Elvis).

I think the wind front has passed. Whew.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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