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Silver Lining

So, the smoked meat and “crazy rice” lunch I ordered for today didn’t make it (luckily I didn’t pay for it before). 😦

Meant The Mouse had to hunt for food. A quick search on Yelp and I ended up here.

Front Door

Front Door

A couple of blocks from the office. “Local Grinds” translates to local style food (whatever your definition of that is). One of their specials today.

Shoyu Pork

Shoyu Pork

Pork shoulder or butt, simmered in a soy sauce, sugar, ginger mixture. Brown rice and tossed salad (must be healthier than white rice and mac salad right?). Hee hee.

The pork was well-cooked, tender but still moist, just slightly too sweet for my tastes. The brown rice was cooked perfectly for my tastes, still with a bit of “chew”. And the kicker? This was a full order, not a mini like my original order at the office. Old school lunch counter vs. food truck (not lunch wagon).

Going off on a tangent but in my (warped) mind, a distinct difference between old school lunch wagons, and new fangled food trucks.

Missed out on one lunch (there will be future opportunities), but found another weekday lunch place that’s totally acceptable. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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