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More SPAM!

And sausage, and Portuguese sausage, and bacon! Oh my!

A real early lunch today, so early, I could still order breakfast, so more like brunch.

Breakfast Combo

Breakfast Combo

From New Queen’s BBQ. Two eggs, SPAM, Portuguese sausage, and link sausage with rice all for $4.99, a dollar extra for fried rice. Lots of food and cheaper than ordering lunch. Happy Mouse. 🙂

BTW, lately, the condiments of choice for eggs and breakfast meats has been ketchup and sriracha sauce.

Let the gore begin!

Let the gore begin!

I think Freddie, Jason, and maybe even Alfred would be proud. Heh heh.

An errand after work. Couldn’t resist.

Cream Cheese and Bacon French Toast

Cream Cheese and Bacon French Toast

From Saint-Germain Bakery. Bread was adequately “soaked” before baking (nice and custard-y). Two strips of bacon, just enough cream cheese to stick the two pieces of “toast” together. My one “complaint”, the bacon wasn’t crispy (not fried before being sandwiched), a little “flaccid”. Hee hee.

The office took orders from lunch tomorrow. Smoked meat (a big thing here) with “crazy rice” (no idea what that is). Happy Friday! Looking forward to lunch tomorrow. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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