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In a good way, one planned, one unplanned.

First the unplanned. Office sponsored a tour from another section of the company (company’s so big, no one knows each other except for the people in the section you’re working in. “Snacks” were put out for the “guests”. We got the “leftovers”.

Hee hee!

Hee hee!

Amish Friendship Bread (sorry, no clue), carrot cake, and brownies. Noms!

Yesterday, I intentionally ordered a couple of pieces of simmered pork belly to take home. So dinner was a bowl of freshly cooked quinoa with cranberries and thinly sliced simmered pork belly with the pickles that came with it.



The quinoa makes the bowl guilt-free, the cranberries add a little tartness to balance the rich and savory pork belly and the pork belly is pork belly (no explanation needed).

Leftovers, a good thing. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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